I graduated from The University of Florida in 1993 with a degree in Economics. I returned home to Orlando and went to work for a Eckard Drugs (now CVS) and quickly learned that the retail business was not what I was cut out for so I went back to school at Seminole State college and studied computer networking for two years.

Work Experience

My First IT job was with a company called Aerotek (now called Teksystems). I worked as a consultant for Halifax hospital for six months. I was offered a full time position with Halifax hospital but instead took two months off and studied and completed the required exams for a Novell CNE.
My next job was with Walt Disney World and the Disney Credit Union as a Novell network engineer. I stayed with Disney until 2003. While working with Disney I continued my studies and earned the Microsoft MCSE.
After Disney I started working for Fox Television in Orlando. I migrated their servers from Novell to Microsoft Windows. I worked for Fox for 15 1/2 years as the Network Manager for WOFL/WRBW/WOGX television stations.
I am now looking to bring all of my experience with me as I extend my career in IT.


Education and experience are both important to consider when evaluating a potential new employee but even more important is the person’s character.  Character is the summation of a persons attitude, work ethic, personal values and moral code.  I would not want to hire a quarrelsome person, a thief or even a person that has a negative outlook on life in general.  I make an effort to be a positive force everyday.

My Approach to Work

It’s always best to be able to head off a problem before it occurs.  If from the users point of view there is never a network or computer problem then I have succeeded!

If you agree with my style of computer systems management give me a call.